First Base

I ‘ve always been told the best way to get where you want to be is to get started. There is no reason to wait till you feel ready or a special moment happen. There will always be a different obstacle holding you back from getting started.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris has inspired me to start writing on a regular basis. Tim talks about getting a real life MBA by putting yourself in real life situations, versus paying a large some to learn about how other people made mistakes. In the safe environment of the education system, you may learn from others mistakes. But you have the potential to learn a lot more by trying things in the real world.

I am not a good writer and I don’t claim to be. But I have always wished to become a good writer. My goal is to stick to writing a weekly blog on one of the three things I enjoy spending my time doing: Baseball, Business, and Bodybuilding. If you feel the urge to follow me or comment on my writing on how I can improve, I would greatly appreciate it and would love to follow you back.




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