Constant Reminder

Rain nearly cancelled yesterdays game for a local high school team I coach. The field had several spots of standing water from the night before but I chose to leave my job early thinking we had a chance to play. After two hours of work, by myself, the field was ready for our game. The kids started to arrive and the pregame started.

Shortly, it was the 3rd inning and our team had struck out 6 times and we were losing 1 to 0. The other teams pitcher went on to throw a no hitter and win 1 to 0. On top of that, their one run was unearned.

Baseball and sports in general, can get you so worked up. The players, coaches, and parents put in immense work to be able to participate in this game. Sometimes the game doesn’t go our way but I am starting to remind myself how lucky I am to be part of baseball. Baseball and coaching is something I love to do and I never thought that I would be more fulfilled with what I am doing.

I was an above average player and I worked hard to be as good as I was. It was rewarding to me to achieve some of the things I achieved. But the most rewarding thing is being able to pass my experience on to younger players.

Often I think about how lucky I am that these kids, their parents, my coworkers, my family, and my fiance allow me to take part. For me this is the best reminder to help bounce back from a bad practice or game. As a coach, its not about you, its about serving the game of baseball and its players.


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