Referrals and What They Mean

Its been a while since my last post and even finding time to write this post has been extremely challenging. I chose to talk about referrals because this is currently whats keeping me so busy. And I love it!

A referral to a salesmen is the #1 best compliment he can receive. It tells me for one, that your product doesn’t suck. Second, that the customer that purchased it thinks your the best person to get it from. What else could you want after a business transaction.

If your not getting referrals then you should evaluate those two aspects. Its either your product sucks or you need to provide a better service and explanation of the value you provide.

Some of you may think that your product and your sales approach are good. But good service is not what causes people to talk about you and your company. You have to do something extra. In my office we constantly ask each other what we do that separates us from the rest of the industry and make us exceptional. If your not exceptional you won’t be remembered when your past client is in a referral situation.

Once you have upped your game and have a product you can believe in, I recommend taking two more steps. Have you ever asked for a referral from your clients?

If you have to think about it then you aren’t doing it enough. You have to ask and even give incentives for referrals. By offering an incentive for a referral it softens the sales pitch and provide value to your customer again.

The second thing I would recommend on getting more referrals is by staying available and in touch with some of your clients that are most likely to refer business. Going to networking meetings or catching up with a previous client can spark future business. Never stop being available and stay fresh in their minds.




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