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I came across this video today on Facebook and I felt it was a must share. Robin Yount reminds us as athletes that a game is more than a game. Someone is always watching you and you can have a tremendous influence on your teammates, coaches, fans, and community.

We have all seen how professional sports can impact an entire city. A team can bring economic growth and overall togetherness to a struggling community. I personally feel you don’t have to be a professional to have an impact. Even as a high school team, you can compete respectfully and transform a community and a younger generation of fans.

Robin talks about how you never know if there is someone in the stands that only has one chance to view you play. This is also true at the high school level. I see young players attending high school varsity game and I can tell they are soaking it all in. I wonder if what they are watching is going to encourage them to be better or worse?

If a high school players acts or does something unsportsmanlike, I feel I can guarantee you that behavior is going to roll over into that young spectators performance on the field or at school. This kind of behavior can trickle through a community.

Selfishness and being consumed by your own success or lack of success, rather than the teams success can be detrimental. The game of baseball and life is not about you. You greatest moments will be time where you helped someone out or accomplished something as a team. I promise you that batting over .300 in high school is not nearly as rewarding a winning a district title as a team.

Sports teach us things that can improve our life even after we hang up the cleats. As a parent, spouse, employee, friend, etc, you are being watched and can have an impact on your surrounding community. The choice is whether you want it to be a positive or negative one.


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